Our Mission

To educate and create spaces in which peers, families, businesses, and individuals approach conflicts and crisis situations; in a way that results in lasting resolutions.


mediateWe provide:

Parent Mediation Orientation
Peer Mediation Programs
Youth Conflict Resolution Sessions
Parenting Programs (classes)

The Resolution HUB team is made up of individuals committed to the work of peace building. Together, we have over 30 years experience in human resources, military, family case management, religious studies, defense and securities, school systems, investigations, and more.

The Resolution Hub was created to be of service to the community. Communities all over the nation and in the world; are experiencing conflict. We work locally and internationally. Helping the academic community, urban areas, varying socio-economic communities; businesses, religious organizations and more. Give us the opportunity and we’ll give you the tools you need to reach sustainable solutions.

Together we can be the change, that we know is possible.

        Peace building is on the rise.                                                     Youth, Peace,